Ditch the Spanx in 3 Moves

We all want desire sculpted abs but not all are endowed with the will to achieve this. We think that the way to six-pack abs is through crushing sit-ups and several types of workout routines that tend to be tedious and too much work. Fitness coaches believe that you can still have sculpted abs by doing only three of the best abs workouts that will give you a strong, well defined core. You can do these workouts in the comfort of your own home without the use of special equipment and fit them in your normal everyday life so conveniently. Remember that abs workouts will not reduce your belly fat. You need to diet and do cardio workouts to accomplish that.

The Plank

You will use your stomach for this routine. This abdominal exercise doesn’t entail a lot of movement, but it definitely is a results-guaranteed routine. You need a mat for this. To begin, bring yourself up until you’re resting on your forearms. Set elbows under your shoulders. Your palms should lay flat and facing the ground. Bring the rest of your body up once you’re in position in a manner that looks like you were doing a push up.

Stay in this position for 10 seconds or as long as your body can allow. As you progress, you may want to hold your posture for 30 seconds or as long as a full minute. For best outcomes always maintain proper form and bring in your navel towards the spine.

Repeat if necessary. Let’s move on to the next abs workout now that you’re warmed up.

The Bicycle

The impact of this workout routine is felt immediately. It is a very effective workout that will bring you results in no time at all.

To begin this exercise, you need to lie flat on your back. You may use a yoga or exercise mat for comfort, although this is not required. Place your fingertips at the back of your head. It’s important not to make your neck, head, or arms do the work on this routine. If you do, you’ll most probably end up with a sore neck not to mention cheat yourself out of the benefits of the exercise.

Raise your knees about 45 degree angle from the ground and begin moving your legs in a pedal-like motion, as if you are pedaling a bicycle. Use your elbows to bring your left elbow to meet your right knee and your right elbow to meet your left knee as you “pedal”.

Perform this movement in a slow deliberate way. Also, make sure to breathe through it. Do this 15 times in three repetitions.

The Crunch

The crunch is definitely made to give you the much sought after chiseled abs you’ve been looking for.

Begin by lying on your back. If you want, you can use a mat. Elevate your legs up at a 90 degree angle from the ground. Cross legs at the ankles. You may place your hands behind your head or at your sides. Remember to not let your arms or neck do the work if you’re putting your hand at the back of your head.

Lift your shoulders off the ground and bring your navel in towards your spine and do the crunch. Always have control of your movements and breathe, crunch up slowly, release down.

Do this routine 10 to 15 times in 2 or 3 sets.

In no time at all, there’ll be no need for you to wear those spanx since the workouts will help you look good. While exercising, a few things need to be kept in mind. After each workout, allow some time for your abs to recover and perform the routines every other day. Lose the flabby belly by doing cardio workouts along with the abs exercises. Finally, drink lots of water and follow a healthy diet by eating low carb and protein-rich foods. These moves will give you results you’ve been dreaming of.