Must Avoid These Food Traps

If you’ve gained a lot of weight recently and you begin to be anxious about your health, then it’s high time that you know about the things that cause you to put up extra fat in your body.  Although going to a gym may be a hassle for you, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to burn the fat and bring your body to its proper normal weight.  Staying away from the cause or causes of the problem is the best way to solve a problem. You can get into shape and feel better as well when’ you’re able to stay away from things that can cause fat increment in your body.

Each day, we encounter various fat traps all around us. It’s vital that we know what these traps are so we may be able to avoid them as much as possible.

Sweet or spicy products

Most people are aware that several sweet and spicy foods can make you fat and ill but still, we’re having difficulty avoiding such food items. It’s important to develop a habit of refraining from items that carry a lot of sweetness or spices.

Free Refills

As a marketing stunt, restaurants often promote free soda and beverage refills. If you think that by drinking two or even three pitchers of Coke or Pepsi puts a dent in the profits of those corporations, think again. You probably need to down at least five or six pitchers in order to consider these products to be sold at cost. If you do this, the only damage that you are doing is to yourself and your body.

Cosy Restaurants

If you’re wandering around with friends and suddenly you spot a cosy restaurant, it is not easy to convince yourself that you don’t need to go there and order some food.  The best way to avoid cosy restaurants is by visualizing in your mind that they as fat manufacturing factories. This will easily help you stay away from this trap.

Bulk Buying

If we have the money most of us probably will buy as much stuff as we can. While bulk shopping certainly has a lot of benefits, it certainly also has serious side effects one of which is buying a lot of food items. If you have, for instance, stocked your refrigerator with lots of food, it will probably be very hard to overcome the urge to eat those foods while you are free.

A lot of variety

You tend to eat less If you have only one type of food in front of you, but if you’re served with a variety of foods you’ll probably would want to eat or at least taste all those different delicacies. This is a huge trap that you need to avoid. Research has revealed that when offered with a variety of food products, people are likely to eat 43% more.

Food is everywhere

You will find food around no matter where you go or what you do. There will be a lot of food stalls that you’ll pass by when walking down a street. These stalls can be an easy lure which can lead to a food trap. When reaching your destination, you need to avoid these distractions that only make your hands dirty with food and only increase your weight.