The Secret to Sexy

Some men are turned on by even the slightest and simplest of things that women do and have at their disposal. Here are some of the things men find sexy in women:

  1. Instruments: A lot of men find women who plays a musical instrument (any kind of instrument) to be very hot.  Whether you’re plucking out a song on a washboard or a ukulele or you’re rocking a rhythm on a fender bass, your hotness level just hit the stratosphere.

  2. Dressing like a man: Well this may not be true for some men, but it definitely causes other men to go ape. Maybe it’s just me feeling it when Keira Knightley dressed up like a pirate in Pirates of the Caribbean.

  3. Baseball caps: Men sure like it when a woman is a sports fan and wears a cap of her fave team to prove it.

  4. Flannel: To be more specific a flannel shirt that goes with a tank top is what makes men go bonkers. However, dressing up in all flannel is not cool.

  5. Shooting guns: Men love women. Men love loudness and destruction. Some women shoot guns. Guns are loud and destructive. Ergo, men find women who shoot guns highly erotic. A match definitely made in heaven.

  6. Uncombed, messy hair:  Some women just DGAF about the way their hair looks when they go out in public and for some men, that’s just fine

  7. Mad angry women: Women going ballistic can be wildly sexy for some men. Although science has no answer to why this is so, it may be because a part deep inside of our reptilian brain gets activated when we see a woman angry and fighting. Well, that’s just my opinion.

  8. Jiggling: Well, this is a no brainer. It may be an annoyance to women but when those things jiggle when a woman is in motion, they are highly appreciated by men.

  9. Sweat: Yep, sweat, a waste product. This may be gross but men are extremely aroused when they see a woman glistening with sweat. Tired and weak from all those workouts? Who cares? All we see is the glistening.