Awesome Food Substitutions You Never Knew

The time to eat and live healthily is always. But how can one stick to a healthy meal when there are mouth-watering low nutrient delicacies all available for your consideration? The answer to that is to simply substitute the unhealthy ingredients with healthier products.

Most of the time, these replacements won’t make a difference in the taste of the food. This is a win-win situation since you get to eat the foods you love without getting sick or developing diseases in the end. They may not be perfect but they’re found to be healthier options that work in several kinds of recipes.

The aim is to eat more of the healthy and eat less the unhealthy item. Listed below are some of the healthy food substitutes that you can use and the unhealthy ingredients that you can ditch when preparing your meals.

  1. Eat Quinoa instead of Rice

  2. Drink Herbal Tea instead of Soda

  3. Use Mustard in lieu of Mayonnaise

  4. Healthy cooking means cooking your food with coconut oil instead of vegetable oil

  5. A healthy food substitute for sour cream is Greek yogurt. When eating tacos, use Greek yogurt instead of the highly caloric sour cream.

  6. Rather than Popcorn eat Potato Chips instead

  7. Select almonds, specifically, organic unsalted almonds, instead of Croutons when making a salad. Both taste good so why not choose the healthier option.

  8. If you plan a healthy snack, try eating air popped popcorn instead of potato chips.

  9.  Processed White Sugar should be replaced with organic honey or Stevia. It is very important to replace white sugar as soon as possible as this product can lead to various health conditions, especially when it’s taken daily and in large amounts.

  10.  When making pancakes, bread, or pastries, Coconut flour is a much healthier substitute for White Flour

  11.  Try enjoying yourself with Cacao Nibs instead of Chocolate Chips. Make sure those nibs you’re eating are organic and raw.

  12. Even vegans can find that substituting Iceberg Lettuce with Romaine Lettuce is a healthier option.

  13.  Chia Seeds are a better replacement for Bread Crumbs

  14. It’s much healthier to dress your veggie salad with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil instead of Ranch Dressing.

  15. Unprocessed Nut Butter such as Almond butter can be a tastier and healthier substitute for Processed Peanut Butter

  16. Use Himalayan Crystal Salt rather than Table Salt

  17.  If you are trying to lose weight, drink filtered water instead of sugary juice. Drink lots of water every day for better hydration and to wash out toxins in your body.

  18. If you haven’t tried coconut water, it’s about time you did, it’s extremely refreshing and a far better substitute for Sports Drink.

Replace unhealthy ingredients when you can. You get to enjoy great-tasting foods and still stay healthy.