Control Cravings Now

For some of us, it is extremely difficult to control the urge to eat food between meals. Your body may be dying for a sweet snack or a bite of something salty before dinnertime. The following are a few helpful tips that can help you overcome those rough times.

  1. When the desire to eat strikes, it helps by eating a little of the food you’re craving for is as it can help satisfy your need. A small portion of the desired food, eaten with temperance, slowly chewed with a bit of time between bites can solve the problem. For a feeling of fullness follow that up with a full glass of water.

  2. When hunger strikes, try waiting around 10 minutes to see if the cravings disappear. If you’re really hungry this may be easy. You could very well be running on empty if you have not had any protein all day.

  3. If you know that you’ll easily succumb to desire when you’re around food, something drastic needs to be done. Take away the food in question from your presence. And the next time you shop for groceries, refrain from buying more of that food.

  4. Try brushing your teeth and gargling with mouthwash when you are overcome by your craving. This will make the food in question taste bad for a little while.

  5. If there is one specific snack that you’re craving for, you may be actually suffering from a nutritional deficiency. You may lack magnesium in your diet if you have a craving for chocolate diet. To remedy this, try eating legumes, seeds, and raw nuts.  If you crave salty foods, you may be deficient in chloride that can be derived in unrefined sea salt, fish, and goat’s milk. If you have cravings that may be caused by underlying deficiencies talk to a qualified nutritionist who can help with your problem.

When you have a condition like diabetes or when you are struggling with your weight, food cravings are not a laughing matter.