Achieving Ultimate Health

Achieving ultimate health means more than an absence of sickness pain, and disease. The importance of being in good physical health does not override the importance of being emotionally, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Achieving ultimate health, therefore, means that you are in a state where the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of health are in perfect balance and harmony. Let us briefly discuss each of these aspects, starting with physical health.

Physical Health

When talking about physical health, we often refer to the categories of wellness and health, weight loss and diet, working out and fitness, etc. However, it’s the internal aspect of physical health that we deem the most important including the detoxification of the body and quick excretion, development of a strong immune system, and the supplying of cells with the proper nutrition. When caring for the internal aspect of our physical health, the aging process itself can be slowed down and this can mean having a youthful, healthy, strong, and lean body that’s free of pain, sickness, and disease even through our golden years.  It all boils down to what kind of food we eat – either vital, living, healthy food or food replete with poisons and toxins.

Emotional and Mental Health

Emotional health and mental health are intimately related to each other and it is very difficult to talk about one without mentioning the other. A healthy mind is more than having a photographic memory and a sharp intellect. A person can have excellent mental health but still be an emotional wreck.

Physical health is closely connected to the emotions and to the mind. Even if we are eating healthy foods, negative emotions and unhealthy mental attitudes can wreak havoc on our physical health. Our immune system can be worn down by constant stress, hate, rage, anger, and emotional traumas and this eventually leads to illness, pain, and disease. All the healthy nutritious food that we eat will be useless to our well-being if we continuously have a negative mind.

An underlying emotional or mental problem may result in vices such as drug addiction, alcoholism, and smoking and can cause certain types of illness, disease, and sickness. Unless that underlying problem is addressed, these habits and symptoms cannot be healed. They may be temporarily relieved but they will keep coming back. When an underlying emotional and mental problem becomes chronic, it may even lead to chronic depression or even cancer.

Our memories and emotions are stored in what call the subconscious part of our mind and this aspect of our being may also require healing from time to time. Sometimes our dreams are trying to send us messages warning us when we’re heading in a wrong direction or when we’re making wrong decisions.

It’s important to avoid bitterness and anger and maintain a positive attitude, think positive thoughts, live morally, be happy, optimistic and loving and eat a healthy diet in order to be more receptive to the spiritual benefits that come from beyond.

Spiritual Health

Let’s face it, religion does not equate with spirituality.  It’s possible for a religious person to operate from a physical, mental, and emotional, level, but when it comes to the spiritual aspect of his/her life, it is virtually nonexistent. A religious life especially one that is lived in self-righteousness, intolerance, exclusivism, and ego is the complete opposite of a spiritual life. More often than not a religious person will live a life of ignorance and cause untold suffering and pain. But when we are in harmony with our mind’s super-conscious level we can access the energy and benefits that flow through (from the Universe, God, Spirit, or infinite Consciousness) that same level of mind. Our physical health, as well as our, emotional and mental health all fall into place and become harmonized and balanced; in other words, we are able to attain ultimate health.


When you are healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally you are eventually spiritually in harmony with the highest level of your consciousness – the super consciousness – and this result in a constant flow of life and energy from that super consciousness streaming into you allowing it to enrich, enliven, and cleanse your whole being. And when all these aspects of health are in balance and harmony, the end result is an individual who has certainly achieved ultimate health.