Shocking Makeup Hazards

Proper care and application of makeup is essential to maintain healthy, beautiful and bright eyes regardless if your makeup style is a bit understated or glamorous.

Eyeliners, eye shadows, and mascaras, come in literally thousands of different shades. They can be used to make your eyes look brighter, bigger, and more beautiful by enriching their shape and natural color. New looks, products, and colors are being introduced all the time and your selections for application are endless, from powder and liquid to mousse, cream, gloss, and pencil.

A new UK study has exposed the risk women are put into when they are using beauty products and cosmetics that put the health of their eyes at risk.

If you have been using the same eyeliner, mascara, or any makeup for that matter for half a year, it is very much recommended that you dispose of them. Bacteria can reside in makeup and cosmetics that have been used for months.

Other important tips to consider when using and applying makeup:

  • Do not share applicators or makeup – Cosmetic brushes can be contaminated with germs from the skin that can be easily transferred.

  • When you are in a moving vehicle, never put on makeup – Actually, the most common makeup injury is scratching the eye with a mascara wand.

  • Before you apply makeup insert your contact lenses – And before you start removing makeup take the lenses out.

  • Always use a clean applicator brush when applying eye shadow.

  • Before you go to sleep always wash away the makeup in your face. Sleeping with makeup on raises the likelihood of irritations or allergic reactions.

  • If you have sensitive skin, use organic, mineral or hypoallergenic makeup instead of the synthetic products widely available in the market.

  •  Refrain from using eyeliner on the wet/inside area of the eyelids as this result in sties, blocked glands, and irritation.


  • Keep makeup out of sunlight and make sure it’s properly sealed after use.

  • Dispose of makeup that has developed an odor, changed color, or have passed its expired date. Over time, preservatives tend to lose their potency and may no longer be able to fight bacteria effectively.

  • Throw away your mascara after six months.

Visit your optometrist on a regular basis. They are trained to treat eye infections and detect eye problems besides their ability to test sight and prescribe glasses.