Ten Vital Holiday Beauty Tips

If you feel like you need a way to look fabulous for the holidays, why not try some of these top tips for a more beautiful and healthier season.

  1. Moisturize
    Skin aging and wrinkles may develop as a result of dry skin. Regular moisturizing of your skin can prevent it from drying out and help enhance skin tone, texture even hide imperfections.

  2. Choose a moisturizer that suits you
    If, for instance, you suffer from dry skin, choose an oil-based moisturizer that will prevent your skin from losing moisture. Select a water-based, oil-free, moisturizer that won’t clog your pores, If you happen to have oily-skin.

  3. Drink lots of water
    Basically, you need to gulp six to eight glasses of water every day to help regulate your weight, slow down aging, keep your memory sharp, and prevent muscle strains.

  4. Exfoliate
    When you exfoliate on a regular basis, you eliminate the outer layer of rough, dead skin that can help bring out the newer skin underneath. Exfoliating also helps unclog pores, keeping skin clean and decreasing acne breakouts. After cleaning your skin, you should exfoliate and then moisturize as the skin can dry out after exfoliation.

  5. Exercise
    Integral to a more beautiful and healthier lifestyle is exercise. Exercise, combined with a proper diet, will help you lose weight and enhance your overall appearance. Exercise also relieves stress and is proven to increase muscle flexibility and energy levels and slows down the ageing process.

  6. Quit smoking
    Smoking has been linked to premature ageing. People who smoke everyday often suffer from leathery or wrinkly skin, poor complexion, have lifeless and dull hair, and even suffer from hair loss. If you want to stop putting very harmful toxins in your body, then stop smoking for good.

  7. Get good quality sleep
    If you are not getting enough sleep, wrinkles and dark circles will start appearing around your eyes. When you get a good night’s sleep (7-8 hours) your stress levels will be greatly reduced and you wake up feeling energized and looking good.

  8. Eat lots of vegetables and fruit
    Citrus fruits and leafy green vegetables are rich in vitamin C which is important in any skincare routine as it is needed in the manufacture of collagen that lessens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitamin C also enhances skin texture and decreases blemishes and acne.

  9. Cleanse away your make up at night
    It is important to wash away the makeup you wear during the day, before you go to sleep. Leaving makeup on your face on overnight will prevent your skin from breathing and may cause breakouts and irritation in your skin.

    Use an eye makeup remover and facial cleanser to get the job done; do not use baby wipes because they are unable to remove your makeup completely.

  10. Relax
    Studies have conclusively shown that stress makes your sweat more acidic. This generates an environment conducive to skin blemishes and acne breakouts. Moreover, stress can lead to premature aging and make you look exhausted and tired.

Not only are those above-mentioned vital tips designed to help you look great and have smooth, good looking skin during the holidays, they also are important for your health and overall well-being.