Stop Wasting Money Today

People waste money in a lot of ways. Some do by spending on small frivolous things (food and gadgets) that eventually adds up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unnecessary expenses. Some waste it on money pits and impulse purchases and some blow it on gambling and so on and so forth. A lot of us end up regretting it when we have to borrow money from other people or when we come up short with the rent. We regret it when we look at how little money is left in our savings account or when we apply for a mortgage or check our credit score. So, the following are helpful tips that can help you save a few dollars on a regular basis.

Buy used products instead of new ones

I love buying used items on eBay. My laptop, quickie toilet power scrubber, B&W speakers (these speakers don’t come cheap)I bought at a fraction of their original price. The best thing about this besides the incredible savings is the fact that these items works as good as the time they were first used. You’d be surprised at how some of these items are priced. Also, these secondhand or refurbished products typically come with warranties that make the purchase risk free.

Devise a one-of-a-kind plan to save money

Make sure the plan is fun and very achievable, one that is as enjoyable as not spending money can possibly be. Some people use the weekly cash challenge. This involves weekly saving that should result in cash savings of $1,500 (some go for $3,000 – $5000) by the end of the year. Now, that’s a hefty chunk of change and maybe you’ll just have money to spare buy a used but classy B&W P7 headphones.

Bring your own lunch

The name of the game these days is to cut down on food expenses. One way to do this is to not go out for lunch and instead eat the meal you (or your spouse) prepared. A lot of people have now adopted this method and some of them even prepare multiple lunches at the beginning of the week, leaving them set for the whole work week. Of course, there are many benefits to this. For one you don’t spend on unhealthy stuff coming out of a vending machine, you don’t need to drive and spend on gas, and you’re not stuffing your face with junk food. While the urge to go for tempting menus can be strong, all things considered, lunch that is made at home is always the better option.

Kill an expensive habit

It may be very difficult to quit smoking cold turkey after you’ve been smoking for years or even decades. But just imagine the money you have wasted on cigarettes for all the years you’ve been smoking. If you can’t quit, at least roll your own cigs.  If you have the habit of going to Starbucks to have your daily java fix buy a coffee maker instead and save a ton of money.  Having an incentive as saving some bucks can help a little in breaking an addiction that is really hard to kill.

Be your own hair stylist or barber

With a pair of iron-clad gonads, and a pair of scissors or clippers, you’ll be able to create your own hair style and if that turns into a disaster, you can also save money by not going to public places or not going on dates.

Know the difference between needs and wants

You may need a couple hundred bucks for your groceries but the new Xbox360 that you saw in eBay is so hard to pass.  Providing some nourishment to your body is probably a bit more important than the Playstation’s wannabe.

Avail yourself of free or cheap amusement

You can find ways to watch your top favorite cable TV shows without subscribing to any satellite or cable company. You can choose between Redbox, Netflix, and Hulu. With a little online searching there’s nothing you can’t find for incredibly inexpensive entertainment.

Make use of grocery store bags instead of buying trash bags.

If you have tons of grocery store bags stored at home, why not use them instead of buying and using a 20-gallon bag that can be easily tear. Sure, they fill up faster than trash bags, but they also cost zilch to buy since they come with our groceries at no charge.

Stop buying water packed in plastic bottles

Besides being harmful to the environment, (those plastic bottles (they take at least 440 years to degrade) plastic water bottles cost more than the quality water bottle that can be refilled over and over. Another option is to purchase a water filtering system for your home even if you’re not keen on using tap water to quench your thirst.

Use ATMs that charge no fees

This banking scam is a clever way to swindle people of a few dollars every time they use the ATM.  Those amounts may be insignificant but over time, they can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars that’s skimmed off you. No matter how convenient it may be, we should not patronize any ATM that’ll cost us a ton of money in the long run.

Consume a large meal BEFORE you go shopping

If you get hungry while shopping, most likely your expenses would involve not only the things that made you shop in the first place, it would also mean eating at a fast food joint or buying groceries you haven’t planned on buying. If your belly is stuffed before you leave the house, you probably won’t feel the urge to purchase that greasy pizza on the mall or try a new ice cream flavor from Baskin-Robbins.  So, before you go shopping fill your stomach with food at home and you can ignore all the delicacies you pass by while walking in the mall.