Being Social and Staying Healthy

Eating right and taking care of your is not a plan you do for months or years but something you do for life. It should be a habit; your lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle at an early age will be the factor that will determine how you will look when you get older.

You finally have embarked on a healthy diet, but then come the weekend lunches with your family, a birthday party of a friend, or other occasions that require lots of eating. You then start to have a dilemma: What do I do if my social life keeps interfering with my plans to eat healthy?

Actually, your social life is just fine and it just so happens that it often involves feasting. But food is an indispensable requirement for the social gatherings of the special people in your life so you just have to learn to accept that reality. Your social life should not be an excuse why you won’t able to stick to your healthy and nutritious plan. Socializing with friends and family does not always mean eating what they’re eating, you go there for the reason that you enjoy being with them, that you enjoy talking with them laughing with them, sharing memorable experiences with them and even arguing with them. In your view food is not even that relevant and if they know you well, would even prepare a meal that follows your own healthy regimen. The following are some healthful tips that can aid you when you decide to go to a party or a weekend brunch next time:

  • When following a healthy and nutritious plan, one substance that you should refrain from or at least minimize taking is alcohol. Alcohol as you may know is an integral component of a lot of social gatherings. It also is a considered a lubricant for socializing with certain people. When you’re around friends, it is a quite common thing to take the shots and keep drinking. Just say no, and if you can’t avoid it; drink as little as possible and accompany it with a glass of water in order to stay hydrated.

  • If your socializing entails eating out in a restaurant, be sure that you are the first person in the group to order food. This would allow you to order the foods in your regimen and select the right healthy foods from the menu.

  • If you’re on the way to an event that includes food, a great tip is to eat something healthy and filling before you go. This is to make sure you don’t arrive hungry and eat foods that you’d regret have eaten when you get home.

  • Dietary and nutrition therapists both agree that eating healthy involves some bit of psychology. When you are practicing a healthy lifestyle, this does not stop you from eating what you want to eat. Indulge on food but do so, in moderation. When you approach food make sure you have in your mind the appropriate portion size that won’t make you gain too much weight. This may be just a bite or sticking to just one plate of food.

By following these tips, the dilemma of socializing and sticking to a healthy lifestyle can be resolved.