How to Buy Clothes That Actually Fit

The worst thing about buying clothes online is ordering something that doesn’t fit.  It can be a bit tricky to purchase clothes on the Net although it doesn’t have to be. What you need are some sure-fire and trusty tips that can mean the ultimate online shopping experience.

The following is a list of 9 simple suggestions to buy right-fitting clothes online:

  1. Measure your vital statistics:  You may be a size 7, but each company will have varying degrees of size 7 that’s going to fit your body a little differently. Know the measurements of your shoulders, waist, legs, hips, and bust.

  2. Find out if the company has a return policy: There are several important reasons why the company should have a return policy: First, you might find that the color of the clothing you purchased is not what you ordered even if the clothes fit perfectly, or the fabric may be too flimsy. Second, the shipped product is not what you ordered (for example, instead of leather boots, the company sent you rubber shoes). Know if the company has even a return policy and if it does will they pay for the shipping or will it be you who pays? And how long will they accept returns? Of course, the online company that has a more lenient return policy is a much better company to do business with.

  3. Know the fit notes: Online stores usually provide you with fit notes telling you the clothing size as well as the height of the model. This is can be very helpful in determining how the outfit might look on you. To make sure you are on the right track with your estimations, you may also want to read the size chart.

  4. If possible, purchase varying sizes: If the online company has a flexible return policy, you may want to purchase more than one size of the items you want in order to get the clothes that best fit you.

  5. Do not purchase clothes with a very-specific fit: This may include dresses that have a sweetheart neckline or tops that have seams that go directly under your boobs. If skirts are super-fitted, it may also not be advisable to buy them online. To avoid buying the wrong sized items, these clothes should best be bought in-store. Having said that, if you plan to purchase clothes online on a regular basis, you’ll eventually know their sizing options by-heart and thus won’t have to worry.

  6. Know what fabric to select:  If you’re planning to purchase fitted clothing, make sure the fabrics are thicker. For loose piece of clothing that is not tailored, thinner fabrics are recommended.

  7. Purchase clothing that is readily adjustable: This may mean buying pumps over shoes or tanks with adjustable straps rather than fixed, strappy and wooden tops. Buying clothes whose size can be easily adjusted will lead to a perfect fit and save you a bundle in terms of tailoring costs.

  8.  Select clothing that reflect the silhouette of your body:  As you purchase clothing online, try to find a site the provide silhouettes that best suit your body type. This will increase your chances of finding the items the fits your body to a tee.

  9. Go for simple silhouettes: if there is an item you can’t resist buying but know it’s going to require some adjustments, select easy-to-tailor basic silhouettes. You might as well go for a custom look if you plan to spend money on tailoring.