What Your Husband Misses About Being Single

It’s clear that when your man married you, he gained a lot of benefits and at the same time lost some too. Of course, you wouldn’t expect him to sleep with other women now that he’s your husband. And don’t get me wrong, there are things your partner liked to do when he was single and many of those weren’t shared experiences with any other person, even with his male buddies. Men have a propensity of doing their own thing all of which often must come to an end when they tied the knot. And your husband probably misses those good old days.  But since he committed himself to you, it just shows how really special you are to him.

Being Alone

Some men do love being alone. This gives them opportunity of really doing something they want to do without feeling guilty.  All these vanish after marriage. No more time to just while away in bed, smoke a little weed, go out on a whim to watch a movie or to a bar, or hang out with friends.

Watching Porn

Let’s face it. Most men (and even some women) love to watch porn. Sex is hard-wired into the reptilian brain and the male hormones. When he married you, this meant a change in his lifestyle all because of the fact he cares and loves you and no sexual fantasy would ever replace the thought of you being his most important person in life.

Traveling Wherever and Whenever He Chooses

If your partner loves to travel and you don’t, you’re probably going to end up compromising with him. This means either you allow him to travel every now and then or you go with him every time he decides to leave.  This doesn’t have to end in tension. If you trust your husband, then that trust will only become stronger if he keeps his end of the deal, which is to not fool around with other women while he’s away.

Not Caring About His Appearance

Most guys I know are slobs. They simply don’t care if their room, let alone their house, is a mess. After marriage, thing’s change, they wouldn’t dare leave a sock on the floor without getting some Amazonian-on the-warpath backlash from the missus. If the wife gets her way, it’s a cinch that the caveman that is the bachelor slob will turn into a model Boy Scout, clean, shaved, and appropriately dressed for the occasion.

Spending Just For Himself

Nothing says “I Love You” more than knowing your husband spends his hard earned money to support you. It’s likely his expenses will double after marriage and it’s also likely that he may not anymore be able to afford that BMW dragster he’s been dreaming about since he entered puberty, but who cares, right? This is one thing women sometimes forget.  Doing a bit of reflecting from time to time about the small things your husband does for you can make a huge difference in the quality and strength of your marriage.

Listening to His Own Kind of Music

I love real guitar-weeping and shredding rock and blues music. Most of my friends do too. Some men do outgrow it but some don’t. Some men love classical and opera music, while some love sappy and blasé pop music. One thing’s for certain, if a guy married a woman who really can’t stand the music he listens to, then at least, a compromise is in order. One thing’s for certain, though, he may not be able to play his music full blast, while his partner is around.

Spending More Time with His Children (That Is Not Yours)

Your husband may have had a child out of wedlock who lives with the child’s mother and if he had established a bond with the child, this probably got affected when he married you.  This situation can be a bit sensitive and may involve a lot of patience and understanding on your part.  Usually, this issue is resolved before you and your man got married and a compromise was reached. Still, there is no way to tell how this will impact the relationship between you and your husband and your husband’s relationship with the child. A problem definitely will arise if your husband had not been straightforward with you about his situation before you decided to marry him. It all depends on how well you and your husband communicate with each other and how you come up with a plan that won’t be too hard but actually be beneficial you, your husband, and the child.

Visiting His Family Regularly

Before he got hitched, your hubby must have been a frequent visitor in the place where he grew up. He may have enjoyed planned weekly family gatherings which may be weekend barbeque meals and board games with parents and siblings. This may not necessarily need to be discontinued after marriage although there may be moments when your needs and that of your family’s may supersede his. While, visiting your hubby’s family is a definite positive for you especially if you’ve got children and you want your children to get to know their grandparents, uncles and aunts better, it’s probably okay for him to miss a family gathering now and then.