Yoga Erases Insomnia

We all have had some bouts of insomnia every now and then. There are moments when we just can’t help it like when you just lost a job, going through a divorce, or when a loved one has passed away..

These are the times when life has dealt us a heavy blow. But it’s also a time that allows us to heal in order to keep ourselves together no matter how painful the experience was. Although it can help with insomnia, yoga may not immediately heal the grief although it will help ease and eventually cure it.

Sleeping can do wonders to one’s health and so if you are constantly awake over trivial matters, yoga can ease your mind to help you get a good night’s rest.

It can also help to write down the problems that’s besetting your mind at bedtime. Leave what you’ve written on the kitchen table where you sit in the morning. This is a kind of compartmentalization, in which a solution is being formulated by your subconscious, while your conscious mind is getting some badly needed rest.

This practice can actually bring you pleasant surprises the following morning. The problem is much less important or your subconscious would have found the solution. Many people actually use this technique successfully and they use it even when they don’t really have a problem. One very good reason why it’s widely used is that it can keep you organized every day on a daily basis enabling to get more things done in life.

The next thing to be done is to establish a daily routine. Your body follows a natural cycle but most of us ignore it. The modern way of life has made us more out of tune with our bodies than ever before, therefore the need to go back to the basics and plan a schedule for all tasks – including sleep is direly needed.

You should perform yoga every day, although your routine should conclude, at the latest, two hours before your bedtime. This will help give your mind and body some “cool down” time. If you can perform this exercise earlier in the day, then by all means, do it.

Yoga can actually give you extra energy that will last the whole day, and more importantly enable you to sleep well at night, especially when you need it.  If you commence exercise, gentle yoga postures are a good way to start.

If you don’t know how to practice yoga, find a good yoga teacher who can teach you pranayama or controlled breathing, meditation, and step-by-step relaxation. Each is a great way to wind down before bedtime. Practice controlled breathing always with either, meditation or step-by-step relaxation. Certain individuals perform step-by-step relaxation when they’re in bed and fall asleep in the process. If your main objective is to fall asleep, this is not a bad thing.

Next, we tackle other factors such as caffeine and alcohol. You can find caffeine in a variety of beverages and drinks such as teas, coffee, and sodas. Refrain from caffeine later in the day and drink water instead. Alcohol actually can help you get to sleep although the catch is that your sleep can often get interrupted during the night. If you love to drink, one good advice is to take one small drink of wine along with your dinner.

Yoga and the other above mentioned tips erases insomnia. Following them will not only lead to restful sleep, they can also make you healthy, happy, and more efficient in life.

Sweet Dreams.