Your Body is Amazing

Even in this age of accelerated technological advancements, no machine built today can even come close to the engineering perfection that is the human body. It is simply a miraculous, complex, and amazing machine. If we only constantly remind ourselves to respect and be reverent to this singular gift of the Universe and treat it right it would treat us right as well.

The human body is a beautiful and amazing computer that has unique abilities that completely bewilders even the greatest minds on this planet today. One of these mind boggling abilities is the way it heals itself after being cut or injured.

Remember that when you accidentally cut yourself, within the body, there are signals from the brain via the blood to the central nervous system to the capillaries, veins, arteries, skin, cells molecules, and atoms that know precisely what to do at the proper time in order to heal itself. Moreover, we have an immune system that’s designed to combat diseases and sickness and help us heal ourselves naturally.

You may the probably ask why do we have disease and sickness? The answer to that is because we simply don’t put the right things into our bodies that will help maintain the well-being and health of our body. The harmful substances (chemicals and preservatives) in the food we eat and the toxins in the air we breathe will cause the development of obstructions in one or more of our glands (resulting in hormonal imbalance), nerves (in the spine in the form of a pinched nerve), or arteries (that result in high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, or stroke) leading to disease and sickness.

What should we then do to prevent this? Well, eating the right foods in the right amounts is the most important factor for preserving health and well-being. The proper enzymes will help digest and absorb food appropriately and the normal excretion of food is also part of a healthy process. This will allow our body to function optimally and to maintain health as long as we live.