10 Surprising Ways to Arouse Him

1. Crying
For some bizarre reasons, men get turned on when they see a woman crying. Maybe they see the feminine delicateness and vulnerability as a sign that a woman ought to be loved, cared for, comforted, and cherished.

2. Sweaty From The Gym
Men go ape over a girl in sexy workout outfit, getting her pump on and who glistens with sweat from working out in the gym.

3. Giggling
Men find giggling girls kind of cute and irresistible. This is even truer for girls who giggle during sex. It elevates a guy’s libido by several notches and makes sex fun and extremely pleasurable.

4. Curves
Most girls find a six pack to be very sexy; on the other hand, the natural curves of a sexy woman are so arousing to men

5. Messy mascara in the morning
A woman rising from bed who forgot to wash away her mascara last night can be bizarrely attractive to a man. A man loves to see his girl waking up with racoon eyes.

6. No make up
In a lot of instances, men find women wearing no makeup to be even more beautiful than those who regularly wear makeup.

7. Being blonde
The saying blondes have more fun is true when you find studies showing men preferring blondes over non-blondes.

8. Feeds Me
Men are on cloud nine when their women take care of them. When they forget to eat or when they’re too busy playing a video game or watching a game, men become extremely aroused when their women start to feed them.

9. Doesn’t Order Girly Drinks
Don’t bother with the girly drinks. A woman sipping on an extra dry martini with extra olives or even vodka would be a turn on for guys.

10. Comes Back To Bed In Morning
Guys really do get rock-hard when their women goes back to bed for one more snuggle, or who knows what, after they’ve gotten out of bed for work.