Pregnancy Myths Busted

Each country has its own pregnancy myths. Due to their own and their ancestor’s traditions most women follow some of these folklores. But then, technology and medicine have revolutionized the pregnancy experience of the modern-day woman. Couples have benefited a lot from the development of medical testing. It has helped them determine among others the gender of their child. In this article we will talk about the facts related to popular pregnancy myths.

Myth One: Standing on your head after sex can increase the chances of pregnancy

Some women really believe in this myth. This is easily debunked simply because of the fact this method has produced no proof whatsoever in helping women get pregnant. Another variation of this myth is that lying down for 20 to 30 minutes after making love can bolster your chances of pregnancy.

Myth Two: The height and shape of a pregnant woman’s stomach can determine the gender of the child

One popular myth states that a pregnant woman with a high stomach carries a girl; one the other hand, if the belly is low, she will give birth to a baby boy.  This has no scientific basis at all. The height and shape of a woman’s belly is determined by muscle tone, uterine tone, and the position of the baby. To ascertain the baby’s real gender, we recommend getting an ultra-scan.

Myth Three: The gender of the baby is associated with the mother’s face

There is nothing to substantiate this myth. During pregnancy, women experience changes in their skin and weight. People are unlikely to accurately tell that the woman will give birth to a baby girl based on tone of her cheek.

Myth Four: Taking a bath is unhygienic and unsafe

There is no proof that tap water which enters the vagina can infect the pregnant woman. The fact is, pregnant women needs to take a bath regularly to clean the body of germs and bacteria.

Myth Five: If the mother puts her arms around her head, the umbilical cord will strangle the baby

Nope, no woman who’s had a child has claimed that this happened to them. In a certain study, it was shown that a quarter of all babies are born with their cords around their necks.

Myth Six: Each time a woman gives birth, she loses a tooth

This may have some basis since pregnant women need a lot of calcium for their well-being. With the availability of vitamins and mineral supplements and a healthy a diet, she is ensured of getting enough calcium in her body every day to prevent bone and tooth loss. Pregnant women are advised eat foods and take supplements that are rich in calcium. They can indeed lose a tooth or two if they are depleted or deficient in calcium.

These days, these myths are ignored by most pregnant women because they simply have no scientific basis to them. They best thing they can do is to have a regular check-up with their doctor and if ever they want to clarify something need only ask their doctors for the right answers.